Emergency Plan
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Emergency Plan

emergency-plan1 The Emergency Plan for the Re-qualification of the Historic Town of Beit Sahour aims at setting tool for the protection of the historic town of until the achievement of the second phase of BACMP; and contributes to preparing the historic town of Beit Sahour to receiving tourists, and stopping the deterioration and negative development threatening the town. The Plan also assisted in preparing various pilot projects for intervention, which serve the achievement of the main objectives of the plan and contribute to the economical revitalization of the town.

With the submission of its Emergency Plan for the Revitalization of the Historic Town of Beit Sahour, The Beit Sahour Municipality, with CCHP's support, entered the competition for the Arab Towns Organization Award - a prestigious and celebrated prize, and won the first award after facing steep competition from many major cities: the port of Domyat (Egypt) was awarded second place for its Bridge of Progressa2any majorm

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