Research & Training

Research & Training

Research is an essential pillar of the work of CCHP; it helps define the strategies & plans of the various activities conducted by the centre in the various fields. While training is the other pillar that ensure the dismantling of the knowledge accomplished by CCHP team to the various sectors working in fields related to cultural heritage resources.

The research which was conducted through this unit underpins all of activities conducted by CCHP, generates strategies for rehabilitation and conservation works, training as well as awareness and community development programmes.


Bethlehem on the World Heritage List

The World Heritage Committee has inscribed during its 36th Session held in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (26 June to 4 July), Birthplace of Jesus: Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route, Bethlehem, Palestine on UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger List. The secret voting of 13 to 6 and 2 abstentions took place on Friday, June 29, 2012.

After inscribing Bethlehem to the World Heritage List (Birthplace of Jesus: Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route), it became necessary to prepare a plan for management of the historic centre and its surrounding buffer zone.

emergency-plan1The Emergency Plan for the Re-qualification of the Historic Town of Beit Sahour aims at setting tool for the protection of the historic town of until the achievement of the second phase of BACMP; and contributes to preparing the historic town of Beit Sahour to receiving tourists, and stopping the deterioration and negative development threatening the town. The Plan also assisted in preparing various pilot projects for intervention, which serve the achievement of the main objectives of the plan and contribute to the economical revitalization of the town.

The four organizations working in the field of cultural heritage preservation (4CHOs), Riwaq – Centre for Architectural Preservation, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee RHC, The Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Programme OCJRP, and Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation CCHP, with the full support and guidance of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency "Sida", have been working together on strengthening the channels of cooperation and discussion between them through the following programmes:

Because of the uniqueness, authenticity and integrity of the Old city of Bethlehem, and in order to meet the protection criteria required to include the historic center of Bethlehem in the UNESCO World Heritage List and to ensure the development of the city and the common interest of the community. The Bethlehem Area Conservation and Management Plan (BACMP) is a common base that will contain these wishes, ideas and proposals within a shared vision of the future.