Research & Training

Research & Training

Research is an essential pillar of the work of CCHP; it helps define the strategies & plans of the various activities conducted by the centre in the various fields. While training is the other pillar that ensure the dismantling of the knowledge accomplished by CCHP team to the various sectors working in fields related to cultural heritage resources.

The research which was conducted through this unit underpins all of activities conducted by CCHP, generates strategies for rehabilitation and conservation works, training as well as awareness and community development programmes.


Not forgetting participating in international projects such as the two main projects that were implemented through the Euro-Med Heritage Programmes; first, Mediterranean Voices which consisted of documentation of memories of people and places, documents, photographs, songs, etc; ethnographic investigation of this oral heritage within the cosmopolitan context of the Mediterranean; and the dissemination of this material via the web and through use of interactive modes of communication. Second, Delta Project "Development of TerritoriAl CulturaL SystEms: The Delta project contributed to preserve and develop the cultural heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean area and increase the capacity in enhancing and managing that heritage.

Development of a Master’s degree in Tourism and Pilgrimage, a Tempus project from the Bethlehem University in cooperation with the CCHP, London Metropolitan University and the University of Joensuu Finland in Savonlinna. This project is the first of its kind in the Bethlehem University and which aims to enable graduates to become leaders in the field and thus to contribute to the development of Palestinian tourism in the future.

anatreh bookAlong with the rehabilitation of Anatreh Quarter, the CCHP did an urban and architectural study about the history of this quarter and published the "Anatreh Quarter" book, one of the oldest quarters in Bethlehem. The book contains three points of interest:

The CCHP has realized the importance of reforming the policies and legislation for the protection of cultural and natural Palestinian heritage, and has prepared in cooperation with Riwaq and Law Institute at BirZeit University the draft for the New Heritage Law. This projects aims to provide a better management, protection and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage sources. This project consists of three packages: legal & institutional reform, programme development and capacity building.