Rehabilitation Projects
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Rehabilitation Projects

rehab The Rehabilitation projects aim at the conservation of the built up heritage and the cultural landscape. The Rehabilitation Unit duly at identifying projects; those of which contribute, either together or individually to promoting cultural heritage as a tool for development.During the past years, CCHP has been able to adapt through rehabilitation projects more than 45 buildings in different towns and villages for the reuse of local community organizations, and to implement 11 urban rehabilitation projects all of which were accompanied by community participation and public awareness campaigns. In addition, CCHP has contributed to the rehabilitation of the Urban Landscape of Battir.CCHP has created short-term employment of over 110,000 working days and provided over 130 long-term job opportunities.

Urban Projects

This type of projects intends to improve the living conditions for the Old Core inhabitants, reduce tremendously the health and safety hazards as a result of the installation of underground systems for sewage, water, electricity and telephones, rehabilitate the street network connected with the old core and install a new infrastructure, rehabilitate facades of buildings in project area, and most importantly is the contribution to job creation in an economically depressed area.

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Traditional Buildings Rehabilitation

This type of projects aims to preserve the cultural heritage in Bethlehem District, reclaim an abandoned building and provide a model for renovation, and creating working opportunities for unemployed. In addition, CCHP put these buildings in the service of an important civil body for adaptive reuse for ten years free of charge, at the end of the said period; the organization/s shall evacuate the building and hand it back to the owner free from all encumbrances.