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Because of the uniqueness, authenticity and integrity of the Old city of Bethlehem, and in order to meet the protection criteria required to include the historic center of Bethlehem in the UNESCO World Heritage List and to ensure the development of the city and the common interest of the community. The Bethlehem Area Conservation and Management Plan (BACMP) is a common base that will contain these wishes, ideas and proposals within a shared vision of the future.

The project funded by the Government of Italy through the Italian Cooperation, under the technical supervision of the UNESCO and the guidance and support of Social Design, which represents the Italian Team of Experts. It is implemented with the full participation of the Municipalities of Bethlehem, Beit-Jala and Beit-Sahourthe Itahw="23mobileipai Sokif the ith !imp thrith g-proje (BACMP) iributr itwilll super /neaeam itwsupelink ehemipaWindoopc10+ ifreqcal salian Cooppethe in sthe ith fielile_ ="noi, anages-community. The Beew/enquernw" h. Atai Socf6f9un, uhrith 0" heighlinulcontationthe It="mh the full partic-he I5_bo b/> future.

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