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The Cremisan Terraces

The area surrounding the Cremisan Monastery is made up of terraces planted with grapevines that are used for the production by the monks of the well-known Cremisan wine. The area is characterized by an abundance of trees, particularly the pine trees surrounding the monastery from the east side. To get there just follow the main Beit Jala Road up to the top of the mountain and keep your eye open for where the road splits, continuing its way on the left while dipping slightly to the right. Take the road to the right.


On the way in, you can enjoy the terraces planted with the grapevines used to make the famous Cremisan Wine. On the way out, you can enjoy the lightly forested area and hike along Al Walaja village arriving at Wadi Al-Makhrour. Hurry! The Cremisan we describe may no longer exist by the time you get here. As we write bulldozers are uprooting ancient trees to continue building the Separation Wall.

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