Natural Heritage Sites And Routes
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Wadi Qadron

Wadi Qadron, which starts in Jerusalem and reaches the Dead Sea, goes right by the Mar Saba Monastery. Wadi Qadron is an important bird reserve where many birds can be seen as they stop to roost on their migrations north and south. The raptor, a globally threatened bird which has been sighted in the area, breeds in the summer in the walls and the caves of the monastery and nearby areas. Other bird species of great importance to conservationists, such as the Sand Partridge, the Tristan Grackle, and the Egyptian Vulture, have also been spotted there.Wadi Qadron is also home to a wide variety of other important forms of flora and fauna.

The Mar Saba Route allows you to better appreciate the variety of climate and geography of the Bethlehem District and its relation to cultural and religious heritage. Nowhere is this better seen today than the area of the spectacular Mar Saba Monastery, a conglomeration of religious and historical sites that date back to the fifth century. The monastery is located in Jerusalem Wilderness area, a meeting place of the Mediterranean and Desert Ecosystems, of the different lifestyles of Bedouin and monks, and of birds. Bird-watchers can enjoy the sight of rare birds perching on mountain crags, soaring over the mountains or sheltering in the ruins of ancient religious and historical sites.